Healthy Building Treatment Trends

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Course approved for AIA, BOC and BOMI ceu credits.

From seatbelts to security doors, most standard safety practices are born out of crisis events. While disinfection is not new, the COVID-19 crisis is making the practice a new standard.

Learn key trends and best practices for disinfection and other healthy building practices. Gain insights into emerging innovations that will change today’s routines, and be better prepared to protect your facility and its occupants for the long-term.

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Learning Objectives:

  • Learn best practices for a healthy building.
  • Understand the significant difference between “disinfection” and “sanitization”. 
  • Learn how to determine product selection, frequency of use and applications based on a particular facility environment.
  • Find out the most common mistake in facility disinfection programs. 

From Our Partner

Randy Weis

RD Weis

Randy Weis launched RD Weis in 1990, leveraging extensive management experience with a major international company and key industry affiliations to build a highly successful full-service flooring maintenance company serving the commercial market. Among a complete range of floor maintenance services, RD Weis was an early leader in the science and practice of disinfection. In the past, disinfection was a key odor elimination strategy. Today, disinfection is a critical function for maintaining a safe environment. As an expert leader in facility management and disinfection, Randy has been featured in articles appearing in Crain‘s New York Business, New York Real Estate Journal, Cleaning & Maintenance Management, Today’s Facility Manager, Facilities Design & Management, Better Buildings, Carpet & Rug Industry and Real Estate New York. A graduate of the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Logistics and Instructor of Logistics and Curriculum Advisor at the same institution, Randy was the youngest person on record to be admitted to practice before the Interstate Commerce Commission.