Is Your Building Fully Digital? Why You Need to Be Sure

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Course approved for AIA, BOC and BOMI ceu credits.

In today’s new normal, industry rules and regulations continue to change at rapid pace, which can require additional training. Employees are retiring and taking their expertise with them. New employees learn through trial and error because outdated physical documents are located somewhere in an office when many employees—and maybe yourself—now work from home.

Especially during COVID-19, going digital and having instant mobile access to your critical building information will improve your team’s productivity while saving time, money and headaches. What’s stopping you from transforming your building and your job?

Conducted by David Trask, National Director, Facilities & Emergency Solutions, ARC Facilities, this one-hour session will be packed with useful nuggets you can share with your team.

Here are some of the benefits of digital:

  • Enable technicians to be more efficient
  • Prevent simple accidents from becoming catastrophes
  • Share critical information with first responders instantly
  • Instantly access information from anywhere, anytime via mobile devices
  • Maximize budgets when making important business decisions

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to organize, digitize and share critical building information
  • See why relying on paper documents is counterproductive
  • Learn what slows down most digital transitions–and what to do about it
  • Capture best practices and knowledge from workers retiring due to the pandemic
  • Train new employees quicker and more efficiently

From Our Partner

ARC Facilities

David Trask

National Director
ARC Facilities

David is the National Director at ARC Facilities. He has presented at numerous facilities associations and conferences across the U.S. and Canada with a focus on helping organizations, hospitals, universities and school districts better manage their information, be more productive and reduce risks. With years of experience in the built environment, he shares best practices for leveraging innovative technology that drives efficiency. He is also a member of the Education Committee.